Why do we store stuff?

While house hunting, one of the thoughts in the forefront of our mind is “storage”. Storage for what?

1) Well NOW, for us, it’s:

a) off season clothing (coats, boots, sandals)
b) Christmas decorations and holiday dishes
c) picnic table and umbrella
d) the grill
e) garden supplies and yard tools and equipment
f) hoses
g) all things that must go somewhere or come out as the seasons change here in Minnesota.


2. BEFORE we de-cluttered it also included:

1. Antiques: “they’re a good investment”
2. loads of mementos: "but..but.. this was my dad's uncles first wife's high school diploma"
3. stuff that didn’t even belong to us: "well, what if they want it down the road??”
4. extra glasses, dishes: "you never know when the Army might stop Thanksgiving dinner"
5. baskets!: “baskets always come in handy"
6. Vases!: “never know when I might need one THAT exact size”
7. extra bedding: "can’t have enough covers in Minnesota winters, and the Army thing again."
8. cables and cords: please see my blog on this subject
9. lots of useless items: “I might do something with this someday"


If things like these, in section 2, are in storage, they are not being used, so they are not useful.

There are some things that just must be stored (Seasonal items, some mementos -more on this in another post)

Also, if you have hobbies, you of course need storage space for those materials. But be honest with yourself about your hobbies without jeopardizing your creative flow. All those images you have pinned up of your “to-do” Pinterest posts, are you REALLY going to do them? If you “think so”, put all the materials you’ve collected in a cardboard box and put the date on it. Think about the project as you put the supplies away, what you still need (make a list if you must), tape the Pinterest image to the box and store it. In 60 days, if you still haven’t gotten all the pieces you need for the project and/or you haven’t come back to the project, it’s time to toss it. Don’t open it, just toss it (that’s why I recommend using a cardboard box). Anything else you have that you haven’t touched for a year or more, you likely never will, it’s time to be rid of it.

Side note about hobbies: I know it’s hard when you walk around Hobby Lobby or Michael’s not to yearn for a new project or think that new paint set is going to make you the next great artist. Been there! Holiday time is the worst, all those decorations just waiting to be created! The one thing you can do to make the de-cluttering easier, just don’t buy anything else.

To wrap this up, when you are storing stuff (except for the reasonable exceptions above), it is not being used so it is not useful. Brilliant right? What do you store?


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