Just a corner

Cleaning and organizing baby steps

If you are lacking motivation or are overwhelmed, just do a corner. Pick a corner, any corner. It will be more motivating if it’s a corner you will see often.

It's January in Minnesota. Cold, grey and the snow is dirty. My back is screaming and my house is a mess. I woke up with huge plans to get this done and that done...you know the routine. Then my back clicked (not in a good way) and I can't walk, sit, or bend comfortably. I tried lying flat on an ice pack, that didn't help and my mind was going a mile a minute, thinking of all of the things I should be doing and feeling guilty. So I gathered up all of my strength and picked a corner in the living room, there are bookshelves and windows. I got a rag and some e-cloths (more on these babies later!) and my favorite furniture polish, Endust, just because I love the smell of it. That (smell) sometimes motivates me. I de-cobwebbed, cleaned the windows, dusted and detail polished everything and created a new vingette on the window sill, watered the plants (poor abused things, I can't believe they stick with me). My back grabbed me several times and I had to sit for a minute and let it rest. I vacuumed the carpet. I found some old pictures of my husband with his kids in the cabinet underneath, so I brought them out, I mean why STORE them? I cleaned them up and dusted half the mantle to display them. Don’t worry, I’ll finish the rest of the mantle tomorrow. For now, I gave myself permission to stop, before I end up in a wheelchair. My corner, however, is PERFECTLY clean and beautiful! I will look at it all night, and it will motivate me tomorrow to do more.

Now, a new product I've discovered are e-cloths. I'm not a rep nor do I get commissions for clicks. You could compare them to Norwex cloths, without the hefty price tag. They clean windows and polish shiny surfaces like nothing else I've ever used. Window streaks are the bane of my existence, e-cloths have eliminated my frustrations! You can find them on Amazon or just google them to find all the other places that sell them. They have their own website as well.


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