Cables and Cords

“Do we need any telephone stuff?”, my husband would always ask me back in the 90’s as we walked through the ‘telephone stuff’ aisle at our local home improvement store. It was really just an inside joke because we had enough ‘telephone stuff’ to wire the entire neighborhood. I’m not sure how it came to be, I think the growing popularity of the internet, my home office, multiple telephones and computers in our home could have been the cause. But we had a lot of cables and cords and the like, stored in a box in a closet. And we MOVED that box to our new home, added to it to accommodate our needs as they grew. Computer cables, video game cables, charger cables in addition to just the ‘telephone stuff’.

As electronics became wireless, the need for the cables and cords became less and less. But we held on to them, “just in case”. And we MOVED them again! Recently we have gotten rid of all the cables and cords. And you should too. Chances are you don’t even have a landline anymore, and you will never need the power cord for that old Atari 2600 or that Audio/Video RCA Cable for the Commodore 64/128. Just pitch them with wild abandoned!

You can check with your local recycler to see which bin to toss them in.

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