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    We all love our stuff, it grounds us, makes us comfortable. It also traps us, keeping us from moving about freely.

    Home Preparation Services (MOVE INS AND MOVE OUTS) MIMOS :-)

    MOVE OUTS: We will clear and clean you home to get it ready to put on the market.


    MOVE INS: We will clean, polish, paint if you wish, your new home to be ready for you and yours.

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    Check out our products.

  • Banda's (before and afters)

    The most fun part of organizing is the "banda" pictures. (Click to expand)

  • How Virtual Services work

    If you are uncomfortable with me coming into your home, we can do this virtually. First, you'll fill out a quick questionnaire and take the Home Attitudes Quiz, then you send me pictures or videos of your trouble spots, we will discuss your goals. I will analyze them and come up with a plan for you to follow. I will be your "accountability coach". We will stay in touch via phone, text, Facetime, Zoom, or whatever works best for you. You can send me pics and/or videos of your progress along the way and I will provide feedback and helpful solutions when you need them. Virtual services can be combined with a one-time in-person meeting to assess your organizing personality and the job at hand and/or a final follow-up meeting. I'm flexible and I'm here for you!

  • About Me

    My parents were extremely organized, tidy people. Everything had a place. I grew up surrounded by neatness and organization, except for my parents’ various rehab projects, and even they were organized chaos.


    When I left home, I married a garbage man’s son. Their house was the proverbial “garbage house”. Dad brought everything home from his route. Furniture, toys, housewares, booze, food, clothing, I mean everything! The house was always a disaster. I tried to help my mother-in-law clean, but dad was always bringing home more junk. I struggled endlessly to clean that house. I swore when I had my own place, it would be impeccable! I have achieved that goal throughout my years.


    A few years ago when my mother passed, I found myself with most of her belongings, which included a lot of my late father's stuff. It was a difficult process, going through everything. Many times I just felt like I couldn't do it. But I pushed through it. It was a huge learning experience as far as de-cluttering goes. Much of what I share with you is from personal experience.


    I have studied numerous organizational theories; Marie Kondo, Feng Shui, Fly Lady, and beyond. I took a professional organizing course and received a certificate of completion in 2019.


    So, in conclusion, I have ERE (Experience, Research, Education) and a strong desire to help people.


    Now I want to help you unburden your life and free your spirit!



  • Rates:

    • Initial half-hour consultation: FREE
    • In-person professional organizing services: $60.00/hour
    • Virtual professional organizing services: $30.00/hour
    • A travel fee will apply if over 15 miles from Afton, MN
    • The cost for supplies and organization tools (baskets, bins, etc) is the responsibility of the homeowner.

    Payment Terms:

    I require a deposit of 20% of the estimated cost, at the time of booking. Depending on the size of the project and length of time, I may require another 20% at the half-way point, and the final payment is due upon completion. Contract details will be discussed prior to booking.


    I accept cash, good checks, Venmo, PayPal and Zelle

    In-Person Areas Served:

    Afton, Bayport, Cottage Grove, Denmark Township, Hastings, Hudson, Lakeland, Newport, Stillwater, St Paul Park, West Lakeland, Woodbury 

    Virtual Areas Served:

    Anywhere and everywhere

  • Raves & Reviews

    Gina. I just want to give you a HUGE thank you for the AMAZING work you did. I was just sitting here looking at the professional pictures Marj had taken over the weekend. The place looks like a totally different home. It would not have been possible without you!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks BEAUTIFUL!! You'll have to tell me the best way to give a review or testimonial regarding your wonderful and super hard work!! When all is said and done, I'm taking you and Marj out for a steak dinner...or whatever you like best.



    If you ever need a recommendation for your business feel free to use BoatArt! Your work was above and beyond expectation!

    Thank you again!


    I love you girl!😂😂😂


    I want to thank you so very much for everything that you have done for us.

    Again, thank you so much for your expertise and courtesy.

    Look forward to working with you again.


    You Rock!!!! It looks great to me.


    That would be great!!!!!!
    You are a Lifesaver

    Good Afternoon Gina,
    Thank you so much for all of your help this week. You have been awesome!!!

    You Rock!!!!!

    You are awesome!!! Thanks Gina!!!

    Thanks Gina, You rock!!!!!!!! I'll have Tiffany contact you.

    Thank you for all of your help yesterday. You were a rock star.

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    Together we will unburden your life and free your spirit!

    Gina Maylone
    14445 15th St S
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    January 31, 2022
    If you are lacking motivation or are overwhelmed, just do a corner. Pick a corner, any corner. It will be more motivating if it’s a corner you will see often. It's January in Minnesota. Cold, grey and the snow is dirty. My back is screaming and my house is a mess. I woke up with huge plans to...
    It’s been said that there’s a difference between organizing and de-cluttering, and there is. De-cluttering requires decision making and organizing requires cute storage solutions, I believe you can’t do one without the other. You shouldn’t organize junk (unless it’s contained in a “junk drawer”)....
    Quick definition: “PURGE” can mean donate, recycle or toss. I use it interchangeably. Donate items in very good condition (not broken or missing parts), recycle everything your county or city allows, toss everything else. Does your kitchen look like this? Turn on your favorite music. Crank it...
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